How to Earn Upgrade Points in Destiny 2

One important thing to note about the new upgrade point system is that, you need to visit a certain NPC (Non Playable Character) to spend your upgrade points on. The first NPC you will encounter that can help you with this, once on Titan’s map, is called Sloane. She is located in the Strand area of the map, at coordinates of 61.5 / 90. Once you find Sloane, simply speak with her and she will let you spend upgrade points on your subclass abilities & grenades. Simply visit her when you have enough points to level up one or more of these items.

The second NPC that can help you with this is called the Gunsmith, Banshee-44. He can be found in the tower area in a small room in the hangar bay at coordinates of 75 / 280. 

Once you have spoken to him enough times, he will let you upgrade your weapons so that they are more powerful/have better stats. You need Gunsmith Materials to do this and these materials are obtained by breaking down weapons.

What are the best ways to earn Upgrade Points in Destiny 2?

One way is simply to play through the game’s missions, strikes, raids etc and you will come across items that can help you towards this goal. For example, there are items called Enhancement Cores (you get these from dismantling Rare & Legendary items) and these are similar to the upgrade points in the original D estiny.

The second way is by completing Vanguard Strikes, activities that can be found on your map when you open it up. The recommended level for doing this is 260 but if you are close to that or have finished all of the campaign missions then do not worry about the level recommendation.

The third way is by playing certain parts of the game such as Adventures, Lost Sectors & Public Events. These activities will yield upgrade points and you can earn a fair amount of these points from doing them so do not ignore them.

The forth and final way is by doing the Nightfall Strikes which are weekly strikes that have modifiers which make them more challenging. The recommended level for these strikes is 280 but again, you can do it if you are close to that or have finished the campaign missions.

How much does it cost to upgrade items in Destiny 2?

It costs 1 Enhancement Core per item plus an amount of Glimmer depending on the rarity/level of the item. If you are curious about how much Glimmer it costs, then refer to the following list:

  • Rare (Blue) items – 400 Glimmer
  • Legendary (Purple) items – 800 Glimmer
  • Exotic (Gold) items – 1200 Glimmer

Maxing out your subclass abilities & grenades is very important in Destiny 2 and can be one of the most time consuming/grindy things that you will encounter in the game.

How to use upgrade points in destiny 2

First, speak with the vendor Sloane on Titan. This will allow you to spend upgrade points on your subclass abilities and grenades. You can use these nodes to customize your playstyle in PvE and PvP.

Next, speak with the Gunsmith, Banshee-44 in The Tower. This will allow you to spend upgrade points on your weapons, increasing their power and stats.

After clearing the campaign and doing some other activities in Destiny 2, you will find yourself with a decent amount of Glimmer (the game’s currency), as well as an abundance of Enhancement Cores (an item that is used to upgrade all weapons and armor). Using these resources, you can now begin to upgrade your weapons and subclass abilities.


Destiny 2 is an amazing game with many aspects to it that are time consuming & grindy. Upgrading your subclass abilities and grenades is one of the most important things in the game, allowing you to customise your playstyle in PvE and PvP.

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